Angus Mark Bungay

I work mainly with the figure. My choice of materials are plaster, leather, brass, wood and found objects. I cast body parts from live models and then work them as I see fit. Often the final outcome of the piece is influenced by the found objects that I choose to use.

The main influence for my work is from two old medical books that my Grandmother left for me. I was totally intrigued by the illustrations and photographs of all the devices, gadgets, procedures and activities, all pertaining to do good, but with out the written explanation you would certainly question the situation. It's this aspect that I took into my work, creating devices that look like they serve a function but one is not too sure what it is. The use of found objects strengthens this concept, because you recognize the object, you think you should know how the device works.

People bring many different interpretations to the work. Medical, psychological, sexual, extra terrestrial, post nuclear, medieval and so on.

I continue to work with the figure, and am planning a new series of 'limbs' and prosthetic devices'.


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