Angus Mark Bungay


August 28th 1965, Aldershot, England.
1980 - 1982 Yeovil College School of Art

1982 - 1985 Coventry Lanchester Polytechnic
BA. Honours in Fine Art.
Selected Exhibitions:

2004 OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS Lehmann Leskiw & Schedler Fine Arts, Toronto, Ont.

2004 OPPOSITES ATTRACT Comox Valley Art Gallery, Courtenay B.C.

2004 MISFITS The Conehouse, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

2001 HEAD GAMES Third Avenue Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

1999 OPPOSITES ATTRACT Sunshine Coast Art Gallery, Gibsons, B.C. Canada

1999 AT ARMS LENGTH Third Avenue Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

1998 HEADS Augen Gallery, Portland, Oregon. USA

1997 LEATHERED HEADS Third Avenue Gallery, Vancouver B.C. Canada.

1996 FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY Third Avenue Gallery, Vancouver B.C. Canada.

1996 SOMEWHERE BETWEEN MADMAN AND SAINT Sacred Heart Tattoo, Vancouver B.C. Canada.

Group Exhibitions:

2005 ABBY SHOW, Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada

2004 ART KAR electrik, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

2004 First 25 years, Sunshine Coast Arts Center, Gibsons, B.C.

2004 Cheaper Than a One Night Stand, Fractured Industries @ The Elliot Louis Gallery, Van. B.C., B.C. Canada

2003 Artropolis, Vancouver B.C. Canada

2002 Visual Vitality, Gibsons, B.C. Canada

1999 Critical Mass Art Gallery, 100 mile House, B.C.

1999 Simon Patrick Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.

1998 Comox Valley Art Gallery, Courtenay B.C.

1993 Buchlen - Mowatt Fine Arts, Vancouver B.C.

1986 Whitefriars, Coventry England.

1985 Coventry Polytechnic, Coventry England.



'Angus Bungay'
by Ed Varney
Espace 64 Sculpture (Summer 2003)

'Angus Bungay at Third Avenue Gallery'
by Paula Gustafson
World Sculpture News (volume 5 number 4) Autumn 1999

'Shows theme's ambiguity, not violence'
by Mary Frances Hill
The Westender, Vancouver B.C. July 1999

'Beauty and Angst at the CVAG'
by Donna Mattila
section taken from an article in The Voice by Donna Mattila. Third Avenue Gallery group show at the Comox Valley Public Gallery, March 1998.

'Disturbing Images'
by Paula Gustafson
November 1996, Out in the City.

'Somewhere between Madman and Saint'
by Ed Varney


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